Glitch 2

Glitch dancing to Bulletproof

Glitch is a character that appears in Dance Central 2.


Glitch is seen in Dance Central 2, 3, and Spotlight. He dances with Mo in the crew, Hi-Def. They appear to be friends. He is one of 2 characters that is 14 years old.


He appears to be Korean. But he could also Japanese or Chinese. His hair is short with a spike at the top and is black and green. For clothes, he wears dark red plaid bandana around his neck. His shirt is the theme of TV color bars. He wears baggy pants that are cuffed at the bottom to half way between his knees and ankles. His shoes are purple, plaid skate shoes. He has one leather glove on his left hand and an elbow guard on his right elbow.


5 Stars-

  • "Your body can't handle these moves! Flat line and life support! Clear!"
  • "You need a good nickname, like...uh, House party! Or Steve."